Many people today would like to have whiter teeth.  We have many ways of improving the color of your teeth.  The simplest, easiest way to accomplish this goal is to have your teeth bleached.  This is a time tested and appropriate treatment option for most people.  Bleaching can lighten your teeth several shades in a short time.

There are a few ways to bleach your teeth:

1] whitening toothpaste- suitable for removing surface stains on teeth, somewhat better than normal toothpaste.

2] whitening strips- these are able to lighten your teeth, but with some limitations.  Most strips do not cover all the teeth that you would like to lighten.  The strips are unable to flex enough to deliver bleaching material to all the recesses between the teeth.  The strips  can work well when you just need a little improvement in the color of your teeth.

3] in office bleaching- this involves the application of bleaching gel to your teeth during one or more visits to the dental office. Some offices use a light assisted method to accelerate the action of the bleaching material.  Most often, the patient is sent home with bleaching material and custom fitted mouth trays to complete the process at home.  This method seems to be the most thorough way to lighten teeth, especially in more difficult situations.

In our office we use a technique that involves bleaching in the office and at home.  We evaluate the teeth for their potential to look better after bleaching treatment.  We also consider the colors of any existing restorations, as dental restorations will not bleach.  We may need to discuss expectations and options for making all the teeth a similar color.  Tooth sensitivity can be an issue.  We use materials with the reputation of causing the least sensitivity.  Most often the sensitivity is temporary.  It should resolve when you stop your treatment.  We can also provide strategies to reverse or minimize tooth sensitivity during treatment.

We will start with making a custom mould of your mouth, to provide bleaching trays with the best fit.  A visit to the office for initial bleaching and instructions will get you started.  The remainder of your treatment can be accomplished at your convenience while at home.  We advise spending 30-60 minutes per bleaching session, once or twice a day.  Most people will notice a difference within a week.  The total elapsed time to complete your bleaching will depend on several factors;  amount of time you invest each day, color change desired, darkness of teeth, and sensitive teeth which may require a slower approach .

Some people have heard about light assisted bleaching, such as “zoom”.  We have decided not to use this technique, due to the added expense to patients.  The initial bleaching in the office will show better results, but the final results achieved after completing the treatment will be the same.  The total elapsed time will be the same… so we have just been unable to justify the added cost to our patients for using a bleaching system , such as “zoom”.

In some situations, where the teeth are severely discolored, decayed, or have problems with poor alignment, bleaching may not be the complete answer to all your needs.  This is where a careful, coordinated approach in planning your treatment will help to achieve the results your desire.

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