The replacement of missing teeth with dental implants is a more common treatment choice than ever before.  There are more options for the dentist to apply in more situations, making the possibility of  a new tooth a reality, for patients who were not candidates for this procedure in the past.

While once considered a new or experimental treatment, implants for replacing a single tooth have now been in use for 40 years.  We feel that at this stage of development, an implant is a very solid, predictable long lasting treatment option. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or they can be used as a foundation for holding a complete denture in place.

There are so many exciting reasons to consider this type of tooth replacement.  The possibility of replacing teeth and not having to wear a removable denture is a blessing to many people.  The idea of replacing a single tooth without altering the neighboring teeth is by nature, a very conservative mode for treating a patient.  Teeth that are severely weakened can require extensive, costly treatment with a sometimes poor expectation for longevity.  Now, we consider abandoning further efforts to save these problematic teeth, when, we can instead remove the tooth and place an implant root replacement, which will function for many years.  The possibilities are continuing grow all the time!  This is truly an exciting era for dentistry!

An implant can be viewed as a “root replacement” for a missing tooth.  A specialist in oral surgery or periodontics will place a threaded, titanium screw in the desired location for the new tooth.  After a period of time for healing, the patient will visit our office to fabricate a temporary crown to help this part of the mouth adapt to a new tooth.  When the time is right, we will proceed to make the permanent crown.  When treatment is completed, the implant crown will look and feel as good as a natural tooth.

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