A crown is protective covering for a tooth.  It is used to restore the shape, function and strength to a broken tooth.  They can also be used to rebuild a tooth that is likely to break in the near future.  Teeth with very large fillings or severe decay are candidates for a crown restoration.  Crowns are often needed for teeth after the completion of root canal therapy.  A tooth with a very large filling can be weakened, when compared to another tooth.  The sides of the remaining tooth structure are sometimes too thin to withstand the forces that we can generate with our bite.  The molars in the back of your mouth are exposed to the greatest forces when chewing, clenching or grinding your teeth.  A crown can allow you to bite normally, without the worry of cracking your tooth or a large filling.  A severe fracture of a tooth can result in the loss of the tooth.  We try to intercept these problems in time to save teeth from being lost. 

We usually need two appointments to restore a tooth with a crown.  At the first visit, any decay and old restorations will be removed to evaluate the tooth.  A core restoration is sometimes necessary to fill in deep areas or voids.  We then prepare the tooth to the desired shape.  An impression of the tooth is made to help the lab form the crown.   A temporary crown is created to protect the tooth, hold the tooth and gums in position, and to provide a normal appearing tooth.  The temporary crown is worn for a few weeks while the permanent crown is fabricated at the laboratory.  The laboratory technician builds the crown using gold alloys, ceramics, or a combination of materials.  A custom prescription directs the lab to create the correct shape, color, and fit of  the crown.  The patient returns for a second visit to remove the temporary and evaluate the new crown.  Adjustments, if needed, can usually be accomplished at the office.  The crown is then  cemented into place, ready for several smiling years of use.

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