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By Dr. Craig Blogin
July 09, 2019
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You have a raging toothache. At first, it was a low level pain in your molar, but now, you know you need help from your Ann Arbor dentist, Dr. Craig Blogin. To avoid extracting your ailing tooth, he may recommend root canal therapy. Also called endodontic therapy, this reliable procedure removes interior pulp, seals the tooth and crowns it to function indefinitely. Learn the details here.

A common procedure

Root canal treatments have saved injured and/or infected teeth for generations. The technology now used is highly effective and the procedure...practically pain-free.

What happens during a root canal treatment? Your Ann Arbor dentist takes several simple steps over the course of two in-office appointments:

  • He examines and X-rays the tooth to determine the extent of the damage.
  • If the tooth is viable, Dr. Blogin numbs it and creates a small hole in the first root canal chamber (there may be up to four in large tooth such as a molar).
  • Then, he extracts the diseased pulp using a sequence of metal files or a rotary endodontic tool.
  • Antibiotic medication quells infection, and the tooth is sealed with gutta-percha, a natural resin which has been used for years to fill and strengthen root canals.
  • Dr. Blogin repeats the process on the other root canals and covers the tooth with a temporary filling or crown.
  • At home, your tooth rests and heals for at least a week.
  • Back in the office, your Ann Arbor dentist removes the temporary restoration and places a customized porcelain crown over the tooth.

Signs you need a root canal

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that over 22 million root canal treatments happen each year in the United States alone. Most are successful and prolong the useful lives of teeth by many decades.

Do you need a root canal? That toothache is a worrisome symptom. Additionally, danger signs include:

  • Darkened tooth enamel
  • Reddened gums which may also have sores
  • Pus in interdental spaces
  • Bad breath
  • Dental sensitivity to cold, heat, and sugary foods
  • Fever
  • Malaise
  • Jaw swelling and tenderness in the neck area
  • A large chip or crack

Don't wait

At the first sign of trouble, contact Dr. Craig Blogin for an appointment. Quick action can save your tooth. Also, keep current on your preventive care. A six-month cleaning and check-up can ward off problems and spot them early if they do develop. Root canal therapy is just one of the many effective restorative treatments Dr. Blogin and his team in Ann Arbor, MI, deliver. Contact us today, won't you? (734) 975-6700.

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