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By Craig L. Blogin, DDS, PLC
April 08, 2016
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A general dentist (sometimes referred to as family dentist) is a practitioner that helps you manage your overall dental health. A general dentist is often your primary care provider when it comes to health matters related to your mouth. Here are just a few of the most General Dentistimportant treatments that a general dentist at the Ann Arbor, MI office of Dr. Craig Blogin can offer you.

Cleans Your Teeth Professionally
The American Dental Association recommends that you see a dentist at least twice per year for professional cleanings (more often if you’ve had a past dental issue). A general dentist is the practitioner who will perform the cleaning when you visit. The teeth are cleaned and polished using dental tools. If there is plaque or tartar buildup, the general dentist will also remove this material to prevent gum disease and inflammation.

Cures and Prevents Infections of the Teeth and Gums
If you are diagnosed with a dental infection that is causing you pain like a deep cavity or abscess, Dr. Blogin can help eliminate the infection and get you on the road to healing. The treatments he offers at his Ann Arbor general dentist office include root canal therapy and scaling and root planing. He can also help you identify a potential problem before it progresses with the help of sealants and crowns, which will save you future dental expenses. This is called “preventative dentistry.”

Suggests Cosmetic Treatments
A general dentist can also help consult you about cosmetic treatments that can help you achieve your very best smile. Cosmetic treatments that Dr. Blogin offers include professional whitening, veneers, dental implants and cosmetic fillings. Your dentist’s goal is to provide you with comprehensive care to give you a smile that you can be proud of.

Make an Appointment to Talk to a General Dentist
Now that you know what a general dentist can do for you, call (734) 975-6700 today to make an appointment at the Ann Arbor, MI office of Dr. Craig Blogin. The office’s motto is “we treat our patients like family.”

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