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By Dr. Craig Blogin
May 02, 2019
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Would you like to visit just one dentist for your entire family? You can when your family dentist is Dr. Craig Blogin in Ann Arbor. Specializingfamily-dentistry in the preventive, restorative and cosmetic services families need most, Dr. Craig L. Blogin and his team love seeing young, old, and everyone in between smile with the best of health.

Why a family dentist?

Your Ann Arbor family dentist delivers all the treatments you and your loved ones need all in one beautiful facility. Need back to back appointment times? The office team can schedule your cleanings and examinations when it's most convenient for you and yours. We understand school, work and other commitments press in on family time; so we're here to get you the care you need in a no-pressure, friendly way.

Additionally, as a family dentist, Dr. Blogin sees great value in understanding the family as a whole. Some dental conditions do seem to run in families--some orthodontic conditions and gum disease as examples. So, when he treats everyone from baby to teen to mom and dad to grandma and grandpa, he can foresee trends and ward off problems before they become serious.

Versatility is key

Your family dentist is skilled in the precise diagnosis of decay, structural problems, gum disease, oral cancer and more. He limits the anxiety of nervous patients with oral sedation and/or nitrous oxide as needed and provides compassionate and expedient emergency care for all his patients.

Tooth extractions and replacements with dental implants or conventional bridges and dentures happen right in Dr. Blogin's office. He and his team make the most complex of procedures easier with detailed patient education and careful follow-up post-procedure.

Your family dentist wants you to look your best

Dr. Blogin knows that when patients look good, they feel good, too. So, he offers the latest in cosmetic treatments--from teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings to porcelain veneers and makeovers which change unattractive smiles to ones with star quality.

An ADA member

Your family dentist in Ann Arbor maintains membership in good standing with the American Dental Association and other professional affiliations. That means you and your family will receive dental care which is state-of-the-art and peer accountable. Dr. Blogin and his team always keep abreast of the latest and finest techniques and materials, too.

Find out more

Take your family to Dr. Craig L. Blogin and his team. Start with initial examinations and cleanings, and begin that relationship with a family dental practice which really cares. Call the office for an appointment convenient for your schedules, and we'll greet you on time and by name. Phone (734) 975-6700.

By Dr. Craig Blogin
April 04, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Did you know there are many benefits to choosing a family dentist to provide for all your family’s dental needs? Family dentists provide a Family wide range of dental services for patients of any age. They can treat young children to mature patients needing to replace missing teeth. Dr. Craig Blogin is your family dentist in Ann Arbor, MI.

Dental Services

Family dentists provide a wide range of dental services. Whether the members of your family are due for regular dental checkups or someone needs a specific service, such as dental implants or teeth straightening, everything can be scheduled through a family dentist. Some of the services provided by your Ann Arbor family dentist Dr. Blogin include:

• Cosmetic — Whitening and veneers

• General — Cleanings and dental fillings

• Orthodontic — Braces

• Periodontal — Scaling and root planing

• Preventive — Sealants and fluoride treatments

• Restorative — Root canal therapy or crowns and bridges


There are many benefits to having the entire family’s dental needs met by Dr. Blogin. Two major benefits are that you can save both time and travel since multiple appointments can be scheduled on the same day and at the same location. When family members visit the same dentist, the hassle of driving to different dental practices on different days is eliminated.

An additional benefit of having a family dentist is that no one in the family will ever need to find a new dentist due to age or another reason. This is especially beneficial for children and teens who would need to switch dentists at some point if they are seeing a pediatric dentist. When children and teens see a family dentist, they can continue seeing that same dentist for all their dental needs at any age.

You can benefit in several ways when you have a family dentist. Your family can save time and minimize travel. Plus, there will never be a need to switch dentists due to age. For a family dentist in Ann Arbor, schedule your dental appointments with Dr. Blogin by calling the office at (734) 975-6700.

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