By Dr. Craig Blogin
December 07, 2017
Category: Oral Procedures

Are you looking to brighten up your teeth?teeth whitening

At your Ann Arbor, MI, dentist, Dr. Craig Blogin has what you need. Forget those days of you covering up your smile because of yellow and/or stained teeth. With your Ann Arbor, MI, dentist, your smile can become several shades whiter.

But how did they become yellow and stained anyway?

Part of the reason our teeth become discolored is because of age. Some other reasons include:

  • Smoking
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Drinking coffee and/or tea
  • Eating certain foods, such as blueberries

So how will my dentist make my teeth whiter?

Your dentist will use a device designed to keep your cheeks and lips open is placed your mouth. This device will ensure the tissue in your mouth does not come in contact with the gel the dentist will use to whiten your teeth. The doctor will then apply gel on the surface of your teeth.

The in-office procedure is convenient and doesn't take long. The gel is left on your teeth for a few minutes and, if necessary, a laser is used to speed up the process. Dr. Blogin will remove the gel, then reapply the teeth whitening gel several times throughout the one-hour treatment.

Forget those over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. They don't contain high concentrations of vital components such as hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. Dr. Blogin and his team, on the other hand, know exactly how to handle, use, and oversee the effects of teeth whitening gels containing these materials. This will allow you to have whiter teeth in a shorter amount of time compared to the home kits and you'll have the added benefit of it being safe since dental experts will be taking care of you.

If your dental stains are severe though, you may need more than one session. This decision will depend on the doctor's assessment of your teeth.

Other Teeth Whitening Techniques:

  • Tooth-whitening toothpaste, which removes stains
  • Whitening strips, which lighten up your teeth

If you have you have any questions or concerns about getting a whiter smile, call your Ann Arbor, MI, dental office today at (734) 975-6700.


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