By Dr. Craig Blogin
October 04, 2017
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Are you experiencing dental pain? If so, you may just want to read this!root canal

Ouch! Your tooth really hurts. Every time you try to enjoy a bite of food your tooth reminds you just how angry it is. What could be going on? Our Ann Arbor, MI, dentist Dr. Craig Blogin is here to tell you what the problem might be and what are the telltale signs that you may just need root canal therapy.

The most common complaint of patients who need root canal therapy is a toothache. While some people may deal with severe toothaches, dental pain of any kind should be taken as a warning sign that you require treatment. Not everyone dealing with a toothache will require a root canal, but more often than not some kind of dental treatment is required to repair decay, infection or a damaged dental pulp.

The pain you experience can range from minor to severe. Pain may come and go or it may be persistent. Sometimes pain will only surface when using the affected tooth to chew or bite down. Along with pain, the tooth may also be sensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks. If a steaming cup of coffee or an ice-cold drink causes tooth sensitivity that lingers this is another issue that our Ann Arbor, MI, general dentist will need to evaluate.

Along with pain and sensitivity, you may also notice other dental problems, particularly if you’ve left the problem untreated for too long. The minute you experience pain it’s important that you come in for treatment. Dental pain doesn’t go away on its own.

Other signs that you may need root canal treatment include:

  • Discoloration or darkening of the affected tooth
  • An abscess developing on the gums (a pimple-like bump)
  • Swelling or tenderness of the gums surrounding the tooth

It’s not always easy to tell that you need root canal treatment. This is why it’s important that you visit us every six months for routine exams. After all, you may have issues but never actually experience symptoms. Coming in twice a year ensures that we can pinpoint problems as soon as possible to prevent complications.

Don’t ignore your dental symptoms. The sooner you seek treatment the better. Call our Ann Arbor, MI, dental office right away and let us know what symptoms you are experiencing. We will get you an appointment right away!


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