By Craig L Blogin, DDS, PLC
July 09, 2015
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Summer Treats and TeethSummer is here, and with it come vacations, summer sports and big changes in day-to-day routines. While it's a great time of year, it poses certain dangers to oral health - especially regarding what we eat. Picnics, weddings and graduation inundate us with many food and beverage choices - some healthy and frankly, some not. The question is how can we protect our teeth from sweet treats this summer?

Be Proactive

It's no surprise that sugar and carbs cause cavities and gum disease. They encourage the growth of plaque, the sticky stuff that accumulates on tooth surfaces and at the gum line. The more plaque there is, the greater the danger of cavities and periodontal disease.

So the office of your Ann Arbor dentist Craig Blogin DDS PLC recommend their patients be proactive in the keeping teeth and gums healthy with these easy tips:

  1. Eat fewer sugary treats. While this seems easier said than done, keeping fewer cookies, candies and so on in the house limits the opportunity for both kids and adults to indulge. Take control of the cupboard and refrigerator by buying less junk food. Also, nutrient-dense food has great staying power, providing the whole family with fuel for the increased physical activity warm weather brings.
  2. Have healthy, good-tasting food readily available. When families are on the go in the summer, the temptation is to simply get fast food. However, packing a cooler with fruit, water, squeezable yogurt and whole grain crackers saves time on the road and avoids sugar-laden offerings at the convenience store. Drinks like fruit smoothies and frozen fruit juice bars are a great alternative to the empty calories of soda pop and popsicles.
  3. Rinse with water. It's not always possible to brush and floss. So, swishing the mouth thoroughly with water after meals and treats poolside or on the soccer field washes away food particles.
  4. Keep dental appointments. Because the kids are off from school, getting them to Dr. Blogin for routine exams, x-rays and cleanings can be a bit easier. Take advantage of that extra time. Preventive dental care keeps small problems from becoming big ones.
  5. Brush and floss. The American Dental Association recommends 2 minutes of brushing 2 times a day. Use a quality fluoride toothpaste and soft brush, gently cleaning all tooth surfaces and soft tissues such as gums, tongue and roof of the mouth. Floss daily, too. Interdental brushes - they resemble tiny bottle brushes - work great to remove plaque and food residues from between the teeth, and these little appliances are super portable, too.

Talk to Your Ann Arbor Dentist

Dr. Craig Blogin and his team love to talk to their patients about ways to have healthier teeth and gums. Why not consult them now about ways to eat healthier this summer? Call (734) 975-6700.


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