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October 26, 2015
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Find out how long you should actually be brushing your teeth in order to keep them their cleanest.

When it comes to brushing your teeth perhaps you don’t know as much as you think you do about this habit. Sure, it’s something that you’ve done every day since you can remember, but that doesn’t mean that you’re brushing efficiently enough. From the offices of your BrushingAnn Arbor dentist Dr. Craig Blogin, find out if your brushing skills are up to snuff.

The Magic Number

So, how long does it take to get your mouth clean? Most dentists would agree that it takes at least two minutes—one minute for the upper teeth and one minute for the bottom teeth. But some dentists might argue that even that isn’t enough time. While two minutes can feel like a rather long time, especially for children, it’s sometimes helpful to get into the habit of setting a timer. That way you know that you are brushing for the appropriate amount of time every time. You also have the alternative of buying an electric toothbrush with a self-timer that will automatically turn off after two minutes.

It’s All In the Technique

While spending enough time cleaning your teeth is important, it’s even more important that you focus on how effectively you are cleaning your teeth. In fact, proper technique is everything. Brush your teeth with short strokes, making sure to move back and forth along the teeth and gums. Also try to get every surface of the tooth (both front and back). How about those spots in between teeth where food can lurk? That’s a job for floss, which is a habit you should be doing everyday.

So, what happens if you don’t brush long enough? It might seem obvious but you’ll leave bacteria and plaque behind, which can cause cavities, gum disease and infection. So if you want to achieve a cavity-free report from your Ann Arbor dentist the next time you’re in our office, then take these brushing and oral care habits to heart.

Keeping your mouth clean starts from the comfort of your own home but remember that nothing is as important as visiting your dentist in Ann Arbor, MI for routine cleanings and exams. If it’s time for your six-month cleaning call our office today.


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