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By Dr. Craig Blogin
February 22, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Some patients don’t think preventive care is that important—until they have to go to the dentist for a major toothache or a case of bleeding preventative dentistrygums. Other patients are afraid to go to the dentist due to fears that go back to childhood. Don't let a busy schedule or dental anxiety stop you from going to see Dr. Craig Blogin at his Arbor, MI office to get the preventive treatments that will help you maintain your smile for many years to come.

Why Preventive Dental Care Matters
The common sense course of action is to prevent a problem before it even has a chance to appear. For instance, periodontitis is an issue that may require many visits to the dentist in a short period of time, sedation, antibiotic medication, and surgeries. Simply having the hardened plaque removed from around your gumline every six months can prevent periodontitis and gum disease.

Examples of Preventive Care
Here are a few of the most common examples of preventive care provided by a dentist. These treatments are available at Dr. Craig Blogin's Ann Arbor, MI dentist office:

- Regular X-rays of the bone tissue, jawline, and inner pulp of each tooth.
- Basic dental cleanings (also called prophylaxis) and visual check-ups.
- Crown restorations to reinforce individual teeth.
- Sealant treatments for young smiles.
- Tooth-colored fillings to treat small cavities.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy for a Lifetime
Some patients think that it's only a matter of time before they have to deal with dental disease and tooth loss. But it’s not that difficult to maintain your smile and keep all of your teeth for life. It just requires a few crucial minutes of focused daily care and a couple of visits to the dentist each year. You and your dentist are a team—work together to achieve your goal of long-term dental health.

Explore Your Treatment Options
You know when it's time to see a dentist for a checkup. Call the Ann Arbor, MI office of Dr. Craig Blogin at (734) 975-6700 today to schedule a visit and see what preventive treatments will help your smile.

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