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By Dr. Craig Blogin
December 24, 2018
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How veneers from your dentist in Ann Arbor, MI, can give you a great smile

If you want to show off a beautiful, sparkling smile, you need to discover what dental veneers can do for you. Veneers are thin laminates of porcelain that are cemented onto the front surfaces of your teeth. They can make damaged, stained, or aging teeth look perfect, and help you look your best. Dr. Craig L. Blogin in Ann Arbor, Michigan provides dental veneers to give you the brilliant smile you’ve been waiting Dental Veneersfor.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

People love the versatility of dental veneers. The truth is, no matter what might be bothering you about your smile, there is an excellent chance veneers can make a beautiful difference in how you and your smile look. Some of the many ways that veneers can change your smile include:

  • Changing the shape, color, and appearance of your teeth
  • Make broken or damaged teeth whole again
  • Cover up chips, fracture lines, and tooth wear
  • Cover up blotches, discolorations, and stains

There are also some tooth positioning and alignment issues that can be cosmetically hidden with dental veneer treatment. Ask Dr. Blogin if dental veneers can help you with:

  • Reducing or eliminating the gaps between your teeth
  • Hiding tooth overlap to make your teeth appear straight
  • Hiding tooth positioning problems like rotation and poor alignment

In addition to these uses, veneer treatment can provide several benefits to you and your smile. Consider that dental veneers:

  • Look Just like Natural Tooth Enamel: They are made from porcelain, which reflects light just like your natural teeth
  • Stay Beautiful for Years: Porcelain repels stains, even if you smoke or drink coffee.
  • Are a Conservative Treatment: Little to no tooth surface is removed, just enough to accommodate veneer thickness.

Dental veneers are one of the quickest ways to achieve a perfect, beautiful smile that is uniquely yours. They require two to three appointments, including a consultation appointment. To find out more about veneers and the veneer process, please view the Veneers section on Dr. Blogin’s website at

Interested? Give Us a Call!

You deserve a brilliant, beautiful smile and dental veneers can help you achieve it. Don’t wait for your perfect smile. Call Dr. Craig L. Blogin in Ann Arbor, Michigan today!

By Dr. Craig Blogin
November 06, 2018
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What your dentist in Ann Arbor, Michigan wants you to know about how veneers can enhance your smile

Do you want to show off your best smile? If so, you need to discover the versatility of veneers. Veneers can hide minor to major issues that bother you about your smile. You can have the best smile possible easily and quickly by choosing dental veneer treatment. Dr. Craig Blogin in Ann Arbor, Michigan wants to introduce you to what veneers can do for your smile.

People love the versatility of veneers. No matter what bothers you about your teeth, whether it’s the color, shape, or even the alignment of your teeth, you can remake and enhance your smile. For example, you can completely hide the appearance of:

- Fracture lines and cracks from stress

- Tooth wear from aging or grinding your teeth

- Breaks or chips from injuries or trauma

- Discolorations and stains from medications or lifestyle habits

If you have small gaps between your teeth, veneers can help close them. If you have minor tooth overlap, you can eliminate the look of overlap with veneers. Aesthetic issues that required years of orthodontic treatment may now be reduced with veneers. Dr. Blogin will evaluate your alignment issues to see if veneers can help or if you should proceed to orthodontic treatment.

Veneers are typically made of porcelain, a material which is light-reflective and looks identical to tooth enamel. The translucent quality of porcelain veneers ensures they will look completely natural.

Veneer treatment is also conservative, because little to no tooth structure is removed. Dr. Blogin will prepare your teeth only enough to accommodate the thickness of the veneers.

Veneers are durable, long-lasting, and stay beautiful for years because porcelain repels stains.

If you want a smile that is uniquely beautiful, discover the versatility of veneers for yourself. You can remake your smile, giving you a trademark people will remember. To find out more about veneers and other cosmetic and restorative treatments call Dr. Craig Blogin in Ann Arbor, Michigan today!

By Dr. Craig Blogin
June 10, 2016
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Learn more about dental implants with your Ann Arbor dentist.

Keeping your smile healthy is an important factor in keeping the rest of your body healthy as well. If you are missing one or more teeth, your dental health could be at risk. Luckily, you can fill in your smile’s gaps with dental implants from your Ann Arbor, MI dentist.Dental Implants

How do dental implants work? 
Dental implants are unique in that they not only replace your missing tooth but also its root. Unlike a dental bridge, which uses the surrounding teeth to anchor itself down, a dental implant uses a tiny titanium post, called a fixture, surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath a missing tooth. This fixture provides a foundation for the implant’s prosthetic tooth which replaces the tooth itself. Together, these parts work together to give you a permanent tooth replacement which will last a lifetime with proper care.

What can dental implants do for me?

  • Single Tooth Replacement: Single tooth replacement benefits those missing a single tooth, or several teeth randomly placed throughout the mouth. This method uses a single fixture to hold a single tooth, allowing the prosthetic tooth to stand alone in your mouth and function just like a natural tooth.
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement: The dental implant method’s version of a dental bridge, multiple tooth replacement uses implants to secure the bridge into the mouth rather than using dental crowns or metal clasps connected to the surrounding natural teeth. This leaves your natural teeth intact and unharmed. Two or more implants hold a row of replacement teeth in place, giving you back your bite surface and making chewing and speaking easier.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Traditional dentures replace all of your teeth, but come with the added risk of moving around or even falling out. Implant-supported dentures latch onto implants placed throughout the arch, securing them either permanently (permanent dentures) or semi-permanently (removable dentures). Those missing all of the teeth in their mouth require a set of implant-supported dentures.

How do dental implants keep my smile healthy? 
Missing teeth set your mouth’s health back in several ways. A missing tooth no longer stimulates the bone which once held it in place. This lack of stimulation allows the bone to atrophy, or break down and degrade over time. If left untreated, this condition causes sagging facial muscles resulting in a prematurely aged appearance. Additionally, filling in your gaps keeps the teeth surrounding the gap from shifting or drifting, which can affect your bite and make eating and speaking more difficult.

For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Craig Blogin in Ann Arbor, MI. Call (734) 975-6700 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable associate about scheduling your consultation for dental implants today!

By Office of Craig L. Blogin, DDS, PLC
February 16, 2016
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Could you be the perfect candidate for dental veneers? It might be time to find out.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the perfect smile, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get one when you opt for cosmetic dentistry from your Ann Arbor, MI dentist, Dr. Craig Blogin. In fact, dental veneers have a wonderful way of transforming smiles and veneerscompletely making over your look.

Common Problems Porcelain Veneers Address

Since veneers can easily transform your smile’s appearance, they have a lot of versatility. They can be recommended by your Ann Arbor cosmetic dentist to commonly correct these issues, such as:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth: While small problems like these aren’t detrimental to the overall function of your teeth, it can certainly have an affect on the look of your smile. By placing veneers over your teeth we can easily mask these flaws.
  • Stains: Not all stains and discolorations can effectively be treated with a simple whitening session. If you have internal stains caused by trauma, excessive fluoride exposure or by taking certain medications like antibiotics then it might be time to consider veneers.
  • Crookedness: Yes, you could opt for orthodontic treatment to fix your minimal unevenness, or you could quickly fix it in just two visits when you get veneers. Instead of wearing braces for months you can easily get a straighter smile faster with this cosmetic treatment.
  • Spaces between teeth: Again, this could be treated with braces, but if you want to speed up the process then veneers can easily hide one or more gaps to give you a more attractive smile.

Dental Veneer Candidacy

If you are dealing with any of the dental issues above, then veneers could be the best option for you. Veneers are a great alternative for people looking to get a straighter smile without wearing braces for up to a year or more. An ideal candidate will have a healthy smile that is free of decay or gum disease. If any of these issues are detected, they will need to be treated before you get veneers.

Veneers are also only ideal for adults whose smiles have already fully developed. Since veneers are customized to fit your smile, teeth should not be continuing to change after you get veneers. Therefore, children and teens are not good candidates for this cosmetic procedure.

Of course, the only way to truly discover whether veneers are right for you is to schedule a consultation at our Ann Arbor, MI dental office. Call our office today and get one step closer to veneers.

By Craig L Blogin, DDS, PLC
July 09, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Scaling and Root PlaningGum disease tends to affect patients who have neglected their dental hygiene for an extended period of time. It develops below and around the gumline, attacking the bone tissue and threatening the stability of affected teeth. The best way to clear up the infection is to immediately have your Ann Arbor dentist remove the bad bacteria and plaque that’s causing it to progress. Learn how a scaling and root planing treatment by Dr. Craig L. Blogin can save you from gum disease.

Gum Disease Affects Millions
Gum disease is a problem that affects millions of adult Americans. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as half of all adults over 30 have this problem. There are various degrees of this condition, ranging from the early stages of gingivitis to the advanced stages of periodontitis. Early symptoms of gum disease include bleeding, red gums and pain. In later stages, pockets begin to develop around the base of the teeth as the gums detach and the infection gets worse.

What Is Scaling and Root Planing?
When you go to your Ann Arbor dentist for a basic cleaning, it normally includes brushing, polishing and scraping plaque from the visible surfaces of the teeth. Scaling and root planing is a deeper cleaning treatment that involves scraping plaque from areas beneath the gums and along the root of each tooth where infections develop. The goal is to remove bad tissue and stop the infection so that good tissue has a chance to regenerate.

When Should You Have this Treatment?
It’s important to have a scaling and root planing treatment at the first sign of gum disease. The sooner the problem is caught and treated, the better the chance of reversing the infection before it becomes a serious issue. If it’s allowed to progress to the advanced stages of periodontitis, gum surgery may be required.

See Dr. Blogin for Treatment
If you're having any of the aforementioned symptoms of gum disease, see Dr. Blogin as soon as possible for a checkup. The likely solution will be a thorough scaling and root planing treatment. Call his Ann Arbor dentist office at (734) 975-6700 today to schedule a visit.

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